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Horror of horrors!  I actually forgot about 12 of 12 today, until I saw Helen’s post.  Oopsie.

(Aside: I adore Helen’s posts.  Love them.  Gorgeous photography.  In London.  J’adore.  Or, more appropriately, I love.  But I think I already said both.)

So, at about 5:15, I grabbed my camera and went on a tour of our yard.  With the macro setting on.  (Love that little tulip!)

(Note: WordPress is doing that weird “compress the photos and make them look blurry” thing again.  If you click on them, you can see them full-sized and crisp. Thanks!)

You’ll find a recurring theme here, entitled “I don’t really know what this one is,” but I know several of you are gardeners and will happily fill me in!  (Matt? Angelina? Dj? Pretty please?)

Don’t know…the buds sure are pretty, though!

Clover!  And grass!  Bow to my botanical prowess…

Dandelion, in the puffy stage.  (The “parachute” stage, according to Wikipedia.  Learn something new every day!)

C is for Conifer.

Tulip!  I kind of expect it to start singing…

No clue, but I like the speckled leaves.

I admit it — this one’s not on macro setting.  I’m also pretty sure of the genus.  Nicolas Homeworkus, yes?  Finest specimen I’ve ever seen.

More green leaves!  (We have a few of ’em.)

Ooh, a succulent!  I’d never noticed this before today.  Funny how a camera leads you to new [in]sights.

And this, my dears, is what happens when you don’t get around to dead-heading or pruning your hydrangeas.  Prettier in the picture than in real life.  Trust me.

Moss on stick.  Love the colors!

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