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Last Sunday, after much agonizing over subject matter and scouring the internet for inspiration/patterns, we carved our pumpkins.


There were vampires…


…and skulls…


…and Buzz (Go Jackets!)…


…and even Count von Count, who declined to be photographed for this interview.  (All of the patterns were found on the internet, and I did not save links – sorry!  Except for Buzz…I created that stencil myself.)

You’ll notice I didn’t take too much care with the photography, because certainly, I would set these on the front porch soon enough for a quick photo session, as usual.  Yeah…did I mention the whole flu thing?  By the time it occurred to me to do anything about the pumpkins, it was Thursday.  I attempted to pick up my jack o’lantern, and my fingers went through its bottom.  Oh dear.  Upon closer inspection, we found that all four pumpkins were covered inside with a nice layer of mold and fuzzy, white “hair.”

We moved them out to the front porch, anyway, hoping we could at least light them on Halloween night, but by the next morning, they were caving in.  Since we haven’t set up a compost bin yet, they’re currently awaiting the garbage truck.  You should probably be glad I didn’t take pictures.

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