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It’s fall.  It’s really, truly fall.

I have the windows open.  A little bit of coolness in the air combined with the breeze through the tree in the front yard makes it irresistible.  It’s worth it to risk heightened allergies and sinus pain.  Why, oh why, is the most beautiful time of year the one that wreaks the worst havoc on my head?

My parents separated their iris for us this weekend, and I planted them with new dirt and mulch in front of our living room windows.  No pictures until next year. I do, however, have pictures of my new herbs.

Rosemary is my favorite.  I have always wanted a rosemary bush.  Not only is it the most heavenly of the herby scents, its texture is visually compelling.  I also planted parsley.  I’m not really sure why I chose parsley, but I believe it’ll be fun to garnish plates of food.  The boys will be amused to have their dinners look like “restaurant food.”

Those planters were there when we moved into the house.  At one time, they stood on short pedastals, but they were broken beyond repair, with crumbles of concrete all over.  The planters were empty.  Mom had the idea to bury the bases a bit.  I like them like that, and I really like that we didn’t throw them away, which was my original reaction to them.  They make our plain concrete slab patio look like part of an overall design.

Who knows how well the herbs will do in that spot?  The area is part-sun, but mostly shade.  For the price, it was worth a shot, and for the time being, I like having something green and potentially useful in that little area of the yard.

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