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Three things I want to remember about today’s service:

1. The sermon…the role reversal between adult children and their parents.  I see this being a while out for us, but as Anthony said, it’s never too early to begin to think about and plan for it.  Starting a dialogue before your parents “need” you is the best way to make the eventual transition easier.  I’ve already told Mom about the sermon, and I guess that’s a good a start as any to a decades-long dialogue.  I like that Anthony addressed the sermon both to the parents and the adult children, giving example of how each can make the process easier for the other.  One word: Compassion.

2. The meditation…Anthony opened the meditation with a focus on two events of note in our country.  First, Tuesday is Veterans’ Day.  (I’m planning to talk about that more on Tuesday).  Second, the election.  He offered a prayer/thoughts for President-Elect Obama and for successful guidance in leading the country.  This is when I lost it.  I’d begun to tear up when he was speaking of our brave veterans, but as he spoke about the change our country is going through, I couldn’t stem the tears.  I had surprised myself Tuesday night…while I was misty-eyed during Obama’s election and speech, the dam didn’t burst like I thought it would.  Today it did.  After our silent meditation and the sharing of Joys and Concerns, he remarked that – regardless of our political affiliations – this has been a historic week for our country.  And we ended with a big “Hip Hip Hooray!” followed by a lot of applause.  And a song I’ve grown to love in the two times I’ve sung it with my congregation:

When you walk from here,
When you walk from here,
Walk with Justice,
Walk with Mercy,
and with God’s humble care.
(I don’t know the composer; please let me know if you do, so I can credit him/her.)

3. Our visitors…we had musical guests from Russia today.  First was an aria by an amazing mezzo soprano.  I’m really not a fan of opera, a fact that makes me feel badly.  I appreciate its beauty, and I’m amazed at what operatic performers can accomplish, but, sadly, the music doesn’t keep my attention.  That said, it was gorgeous!  The second song was by Zabava, a Russian folk singing trio.  This, I loved.  The joy in the woman’s face as she sung, the feeling behind the words, the accordian, the music itself – all was fabulous.  If I’d had more notice, I’d be dragging Jason to the church for their evening performance.

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