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It’s the last day of school.

How does one fully tell a teacher how much they’ve meant and how much one appreciates them?  I don’t think it’s possible.

Anyway, we did a little something for the boys’ teachers, and a little bit for some other folks, too.

For Kalen’s teacher, who is so cute and sweet, and so into those first graders, something incorporating some of her favorite book characters.  She loves those kids, it’s obvious, and she’s given them a great kick-start to their school careers.

The buttons are magnets.  A little E6000 and some inexpensive magnets from Ben Franklin turned spare buttons from my button box into cute memo holders.

We did gift cards for Nicolas’s teacher and some of their specials teachers (PE, Music/Choir).  Nicolas’s resource teacher got a very cute book, inspired by the Haiku work they did together.

I felt we couldn’t end the year without thanking the office staff and our crossing guard, too.  You know the office staff are the ones who keep the school running.  And our crossing guard is out there in ALL weather, dancing along to the music blaring from her iPod and speakers, which she’s rigged to hang off of a light pole by the cross walk.  In the rain, the speaker system has its own plastic covering, so she can keep the music going.

I found these little plants at a local nursery – can’t remember what they’re called.  It starts with a ‘J’.  The faces were easy – a little white acrylic paint and some Sharpie action once the paint dried.  We wrote a quick “thank you” on the backside of the pots.  Cheap, cute, and fun.  And long-lasting.

And last but not least, for the principal.

Fabric + pinking shears for the base.  The sign is mounted on a leftover stick from the bamboo place mats I used for this project.  And Jason wonders why I keep so many leftovers from my crafting projects.  Every bit eventually comes in handy!

Well, I think we’re nearly the last school system to get out this year.  Summer is upon us!  The weather hasn’t quite figured that out yet, but I’m sure it will catch up.  Happy Summer, everyone!

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