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Nicky is working on his first book report.  Since his class is studying the character aspect of fiction, the book report centers on that.  They’re to do a “Soup-er” book report – make a new label for a soup can with the title/author/illustrator, and fill the can with craft stick puppets of the book’s characters.  Once he got over the fact that the guide to pokemon book wouldn’t be appropriate, Nicky fell back on the good ol’ Magic Tree House books.  He chose a fun one.  (Although, really, has Ms. Osborne fallen short on any of them?  I think not.)

I’m being very careful to help without doing it for him…asking leading questions, rather than making too many outright suggestions.  I had to sit on my hands and bite my tongue several times this afternoon, but it’s fun, and he’s learning not only characterization but the creative process as well.  He asked me to help with some of the finer aspects.  That is, adding the defining physical characteristic to each of the puppets.  I’m all over it, because dang, those things are tiny!



See lil’ Will Shakespeare lying on the table there?  I’m quite proud of the goatee.  Nicky is drawing each of the faces, and we’re working together on deciding how to differentiate the characters.  He wants to keep them simple – heads only.  (A sure sign that this is his project, not mine.  I’d have these suckers fully dressed!)  Queen Elizabeth has a crown.  Annie has long hair.  Jack will have glasses and a bag (since he always carries his backpack on their adventures).  The bear will have cute little brown, fuzzy pom-pom ears and an appropriately bear-like face.  We’re not sure yet what to do about Puck and Morgan LeFay.

All in all, I think it’s a pretty nifty way to ease the kids into the world of book reports.

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