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This is a question my sister and I have heard for years.  We had a high school teacher who couldn’t tell us apart, and I know Heather has been mistaken for me on at least one occasion.  There’s an obvious family resemblance, but for the life of me, I don’t think we look so much alike that you couldn’t tell us apart!

People have been telling me for a few years now how much Nicky and Kalen look alike, too.  Again, I could see a bit of family sameness, but Nicky looks so much like Jason, and Kalen looks so much like my dad, I just didn’t see the “alike” in them.

Until I took this picture a few minutes ago.


Heck, their eyes even look the same color here!  (Nicky’s are actually bluer, Kalen’s are a little more grey, like they look here.)  You can still see where they each favor one side of the gene pool more heavily, but I have a feeling one of these days they’re going to be getting the same twin questions Heather and I have been fielding since our teen years.

That’s not such a bad thing, though.  How could I complain about looking like my gorgeous sister?


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