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  • It’s a snow day!  For everybody.  The boys are home and playing happily, I handled my dietitian appointment over the phone (and cancelled my therapist and physical therapy appointments), and Jason’s working from home/looking at Black Friday ads.  With all this fluffy whiteness outside, it feels like Winter Break.  All we need is some egg nog (not on plan) and Christmas carols/movies (not happening before Thanksgiving dinner is cleared from the table).
  • Speaking of ‘on plan,’ please cross your fingers that my home scale matches the one at the club.  If it’s right, I lost 4.2 pounds this week, bringing my total lost to an even 25 pounds.  I KNOW.  And that’s with adding bread back into the diet and going out to a nice restaurant for Jason’s birthday.
  • We saw Harry Potter on Saturday night.  Loved it.  After the Lavender Brown fiasco of installment six (her portrayal ruined the movie for me), it was nice to be back on track.
  • We’re doing Thanksgiving at home, just the four of us, this year.  I’m looking forward to it.  I love seeing extended family, of course, but as that’s not an option right now, this feels right.  It reminds me of holiday dinners growing up, when it was often just Mom, Dad, Heather & me.
  • The boys have discovered a fun new game – snow shoveling!  They have kid-sized shovels and think it’s such a great time.  Heh.
  • Dancing With the Stars – What do you think the chances are of Jennifer winning?  I adore Kyle, he’s been my favorite since Week 1, but I can admit that Jennifer out-dances him.  And their competition.  By a half mile, at least.  I hope the results reflect that.
  • ‘Tis the season…to be updating Amazon Wish Lists.  What’s going on yours?  I started a separate Board Game Wish List for the family, and lists for each of the boys.  It makes shopping easier for long-distance grandparents and aunties.  One list is somewhat Lego-heavy; the other is very Sherlocky.  Any guesses as to which is which?
  • Speaking of Sherlock.  PBS.  Wow.  We are loving these.  Holmes & Watson in the 21st century.  And Watson is a strong, smart, adventurous character.  Love him.  Love them both, actually.  No, not true to the stories, but a great modern adaptation.  There are only three episodes in the first series (season for us American-types).  I hope they make more, and soon.  Ooh, it looks like you can watch them online for a while!
  • Now, go click that purple button up top and see how random we can get.  It’s good for you.  I said so.

At 6:55 this morning, it was cold, there wasn’t a flake in the sky, but we knew the snow was coming.

By 7:30, I had to head out to brush the snow off the car, so I could drive Nicolas to band practice at the junior high school.

At 8:00, I was seriously concerned that I might not make it back from band drop-off, but thankfully, my little Civic spun its wheels only a few times before digging in and getting Kalen and me up the little hill.

At 8:20, I was standing outside nervously, chains in hand, trying to remember whether they are supposed to go on the front or rear tires.

At 8:22, I realized my nervousness had nothing to do with actually getting said chains on the tires, but with the facts that I’ve never driven on snow, we live on the top of a very high hill, the gym is a distance from the bottom of said hill, and I have no earthly idea if my little car – even with chains – could manage to get back up the hill after several more hours of snow.  Trapped at home I can handle.  Trapped at the bottom of a 500-ft. elevation hill that I would then have to walk up with a still-healing knee?  Not so much.

At 8:40, I flagged down some neighbors who were walking to school and sent Kalen along with them.

At 8:46, I emailed my trainer to cancel our session today, promising that I would do my best with my resistance bands and hand weights at home.

At 8:57, I took this picture from our back deck.

At 9:36, I realized that since I’m not spending several hours going to and from the gym this morning, I actually have time to blog.

How was your morning?

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