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At my insistence request, we always begin our holiday season on Thanksgiving evening with a viewing of White Christmas.  It wouldn’t be entirely accurate to say I’m dreaming of a white Christmas just like the ones I used to know, mostly because I can’t recall if we ever actually had a White Christmas when I was growing up.  Maybe one or two when we lived in northern Virginia?  (Mom?)  Certainly Texas, Hawaii, Southern California and England were never very accommodating in that regard.

Still, I’m a romantic, especially when it comes to the holidays, so I never stopped wishing for magical snow on Christmas morning.  I doubt we’ll see it this year, either.  (Although I’ve seen rumors on Facebook of snow forecast for the 25th in Atlanta, I daren’t hope too hard!)  So what is one to do when “Let It Snow” isn’t enough oomph to get Mother Nature off her cozy rocker by the fire & give us a little snow?  Why, one makes it snow instead.

Nicolas came home from school with a snowflake yesterday, and I immediately hung it in the front window.  It looked lonely, so we got to work.  Kalen’s not quite strong enough to cut through that many layers of paper, but he wasn’t daunted in the least and quickly gathered up our clippings to make snow collages of his own.  He also folded up a scrap of paper and clipped away, ending up with some sort of robot-paper-doll hybrid.  (Which he later informed me was Darth Somebody-or-Other or General Grievous or someone else appropriately evil in the Star Wars universe.  I should’ve gotten a photo and written down the name.  Sorry about that.)

Am I alone in my fruitless wish for a Wintry White Christmas Morning?  Does anyone else out there in an area not prone to December flurries secretly hope for a dusting or blanketing of new fallen snow when they wake up on the big day?

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