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So, as promised, Wednesday I learned to purl.  I also attempted a 1×1 rib.  Oy.

The stockinette turned out okay, but the rib…I couldn’t keep track of what I was doing!  After learning from Mom that a 1×1 rib is perhaps the most difficult (because you can’t see the pattern easily while it’s close to the needles), last night I cast on and tried a 3×3 instead.  (And this time I counted.)  Muuuuuuch better.

One teensy error, though (aside from using the wrong kind of cast on for a rib; I’ll tackle that at a later date), which I’m sure any experienced knitter can see from the above photo.  For those of you who can’t, I’ll flip it over.

And here we encounter the second reason I was nervous to try knitting.  Had I been crocheting and noticed this type of error two rows later, I would have simply pulled out my hook, yanked the yarn out until I’d gotten to the offending stitches, and redone it.  Time lost, but a simple fix.  Knitting needles are not so forgiving, though.  I have no idea how to take this off my needles, go back to the problem, fix it, and end up with it on the needles.  I shall be Googling and YouTubing to figure this out; you can count on it.  Victory shall be mine!

Speaking of which, The Knitting Olympics (and, yes, the actual Olympics) begin tonight!  I have decided to make the Simple Sampler Scarf, as it seems a good bet for (a) something I can finish during the Games, and (b) a good medium for practicing my new knit-purl skills.  Go, me!  I haven’t yet chosen a yarn, but I’ve got about 2 1/2 hours to dig through my stash, which should be plenty of time, if the kids and Jason don’t care what time dinner’s on the table…

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