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Thanks for all the virtual pats on the back, everyone.  I felt them, I really did.  And patience sometimes does not go unrewarded, for what to my wandering eyes did appear?  An email reading, “You did well to wait, my dear!”

Yes I did.

Happily, Pier 1 is practically adjacent to my JoAnn’s, and I needed spray adhesive for a project and patches for the boys’ jeans.  You see, it was kismet.  I had to go.

So, with my 40% off coupon (expiring today, no less – kismet!) for JoAnn’s in hand, off I toodled to the mall.  Upon seeing my giddy state when I returned home, Jason observed, “This is your Black Friday, isn’t it?”  Oh yeah, he can get up at 3 am the day after a tryptophan coma; I’m waiting ’til 10:30 am on a Saturday in January for my high.

I just wish I had the photographic skills to do this haul justice.  You’ll have to trust that it looks about a thousand times more impressive in person.  (Boring spray adhesive and patches not pictured.)

Everything here was either 75% off or 90% off.  I got the multi-color picks last Sunday on Michaels’ Christmas clearance aisle, and the rest was at Pier 1 and JoAnn’s today.

These trees are my favorite.  $1.75 each for the big ones.  Pitter-pat! To think I almost walked out with only two.  I need a forest of these.  I can’t even show you the very best piece of the loot, because it’s a gift, and these blogs are dangerously public for gift givers.  You’ll just have to wait.  (But I’m going to be pulling it out and ogling it now and then, count on it!)

The best part of this little shopping spree is that I will have forgotten exactly what I bought by the time I open up the storage bins after Thanksgiving this year.  It will be my own early Christmas present…and then I get to use them.

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