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A little something for the boys…clipboards + scrapbooking paper + double sided tape.  Two hooks in the wall.  A place in the kitchen to hang homework and reading records.  A gift of less stress at homework time.

(And some stickers and chocolate, of course.)

Making R2: Day Two

After painting the body (interior trim white), prying the soccer ball out of the [mostly] dry paper mache, and trimming the dome to size, raid the recycling bins for appropriate droid leg materials.


Cut, configure, and tape legs.


Prime legs and feet.  Realize as you’re doing so that you should have built and attached legs and feet before the first primer/painting round.  Oh well.


Prime again after first coat dries, because even Kilz doesn’t stick so well to plastic packing tape on the first go.

Compare work to model for accuracy.  Declare progress to this point a roaring success!


Use cardboard from recycling bin to create ledge inside dome.


Take this opportunity to teach about utilizing slits in a straight piece of cardboard to bend it to the necessary curve.  Attach with masking tape.

Cover dome with aluminum foil, and use cardboard ledge to hot glue it to the body.


Hopefully you remembered to cut an opening in the dome before this point, so the unit can actually be used as a Valentine mailbox.  We did.  (Yay!)

Call it quits for Day Two.  Admire the distinctly droid-like figure now residing on the kitchen table.


(P.S. Want to see how Nicolas’s R2-D2 Valentines Day Box came together?  Check out the posts here, here, and here!)

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