My children, that is. AND my husband.

That means…wait, can it be true? All four of us agree on a side dish?

Me: We’re going to be seeing a lot more cous cous around here, guys.
Kids: Yaaaaaaay!!

You see, my kids don’t like rice. Rice! White rice, brown rice, the color doesn’t matter; they don’t like it. Who doesn’t like rice? I know, they’re weird. And, since hubby and I are trying to eat a certain way, that third dinner dish (#1 – main dish, #2 – veggie, #3 – healthy grain) is always an issue. Brown rice is one of our staples. The kids simply don’t like it. Oh, Nicky will eat some, especially if I mix it in with whatever that night’s meat is, so he can’t taste it quite as much. Nicky’s become quite philosophical about eating foods he doesn’t like. I wish I had adjusted so well to it. But Kalen whines about it, and when I remember how much I hated eating the veggies and such I disliked as a kid, it doesn’t seem at all nice to feed them brown rice three nights a week. So, next week I’m heading to the farmer’s market to buy cous cous and quinoa in bulk. (I don’t know yet whether the kids like quinoa, but I love it with leftover chicken for lunch.)

Don’t get me wrong, I so do not cook around my kids’ preferences. With some rare exceptions, they eat what we eat for dinner. No “good” foods for us while the kids have grilled cheese, fish sticks or mac & cheese. Heck, if they’re getting grilled cheese, so am I, dammit! Yeah, it’s better to avoid the whole cheese thing…I’m not losing weight as it is. Mmmm…cheese….

Where was I? Ah, cooking for the kids. Nope, I’m totally unindulgent when it comes to food. I don’t cut off sandwich crusts, I don’t stock sugary cereals (Honey Nut Cheerios is as sweet as we get, and I only buy that about every fourth box of Cheerios), white bread is never brought into the house, and I don’t cook separate dinners. So, I’ll still make brown rice, because it’s healthy and Jason and I love it, but it looks like the cous cous will be replacing rice at least half the time.