Pertinent Info

The Untamed Bride by Stephanie Laurens (Avon, 2009)
I read it January 29, 2010.
First in The Black Cobra Quartet, of course (if you’re a Laurens fan) revisiting characters from The Bastion Club and members of the Cynster family.

Why’d I read it?

I am a Laurens fan.

What I thought

Stephanie Laurens writes unapologetically steamy romances with strong, sensitive men and strong, willful women.  All of her books are tied together, with an extensive family tree a necessity to remind me of the connections.  I am never disappointed when I give up an afternoon or evening to one of her novels.  The romance in this particular story was straight forward, with the conflict left where I prefer it – good guys vs. bad guys.  I’m always disappointed when a novel relies upon one of the characters’ belief in their own shortcoming to provide the conflict.  While Delia, the heroine, has some understandable self-doubts, they are quickly (maybe a little too quickly?  Eh, who cares…) resolved when she meets the women of the extended Cynster family.  Kindred spirits.

In short, a fun, quick read.  I don’t put too much thought into my Guilty Pleasure Books (historical romances); when I read them, I just want to be whisked back in time for a few hours.  This certainly did the trick.

Would I recommend it?

If you’re a fan of steamy or series historicals, sure!