It’s Midwinter Break!  The kids are off school for five days!  Let’s keep them busy…

10:20 am – We’re off to a good start…me hiding in the bedroom with Betty and a cup of coffee.

10:38 am – “Kalen, your hair looks so nice; let’s take a picture!”

11:55 am – Lunch with Dad at work.

1:02 pm – Saying goodbye, so Dad can actually get some work done.

1:34 pm – After a quick stop at the thrift store.  How to make kids happy for only $3.20.

1:54 pm – At Goodwill.  I’ve been looking for a console to makeover as a TV stand.  This isn’t quite right, but for $6.50(!), I can make it right.

2:24 pm – Back home…anyone know what this bush is?  It’s gorgeous…

3:10 pm – Taking photos for yesterday’s post.

4:55 pm – Those of you who follow me on Twitter know what’s wrong with this picture.  I was. not. happy that we didn’t get to see the Ceremonies live.

5:14 pm – Bunk beds = jungle gym.  (Hmm…I really should repaint those so they match one of these days.)

7:20 pm – I couldn’t watch them live, but I cast on while they were going on, anyway.  This is the beginning of my scarf for The Knitting Olympics.

11:37 pm – 46 rows done.

Happy 12, everyone, and thanks to Chad, as usual!