• The Olympics are over.  It’s always the biggest let-down to turn on The Today Show and see Matt, Meredith, Al & Ann back in New York.  Ho-hum.
  • Over the past two days, I’ve done about seven loads of laundry…and haven’t folded one piece of it.  I have a date for coffee and On Demand with Mount Foldme in a few minutes.
  • Happily, one of those loads is a queen-sized quilt.
  • Mom sent me a photo of her great-grandparents that she was recently given.  (Hooray for Ancestry.com!)  It was in sad shape.  I am completely surprised by what I was able to do with it.

  • Thank goodness for old, textured photos.  I could never make something smooth look so good.
  • Ooh, and I learned how to do animations in Photoshop, too!  …Before-After-Before-After…
  • That’s their 60th Wedding Anniversary photo.  I know she was married very young, but holy crap, I hope I look that good when I’ve been married 60 years!  Heck, 50 years…or 40…
  • I think choir is growing on Nicolas.  He took his music out this morning and was serenading Kalen and me while we got ready for school.  A nine-year-old singing Ode to Joy?  Pretty darned cool.
  • Said nine-year-old has a book report due in a couple of weeks.  He chose a Star Wars book.  Was it wrong of me to “encourage” him to report on one of the classics he’s read recently instead?  He decided to go with The BFG after very little “encouragement.”  Should I have let him stick with Star Wars?  I’m over thinking this, aren’t I?