• So, Dancing With the Stars, in my nutshell world:  The Hoff?  Major disappointment.  I had hopes.  They were dashed.  ~*~  Breakout?  Kyle Massey, who my boys recognize from The Disney Channel, and who I now officially Adore-with-a-capital-A.  ~*~  Cringeworthy?  Margaret Cho, who had a beautiful beginning and fouled it up with slapstick.  (Margaret, some advice: Don’t try to be Cloris.  Cloris couldn’t dance and HAD to slapstick it up.  You have real dancing potential.  I know you’re being funny to overcome your discomfort with your own beauty and grace, but you have both beauty and grace, so OWN IT, GIRL!  Louis, some advice: Do NOT let her convince you to go that route again, or Len may come across the judges’ table and strangle you.  Should that happen, I will cheer him on.)  ~*~  Cringeworthy, part II?  Florence Henderson.  Ouch, but LOVED when she flashed the world her sports bra.  ~*~  Simply gorgeous on the dance floor?  Tie: Brandy, Jennifer Grey and Rick Fox.  The season has definite potential.
  • What?  I should get a life of my own?  Sure.  I met with my personal trainer for the first time yesterday.  I like him.  He is very nice, but he is going to push me.  Hard.  I’m sore, and the only thing we did yesterday was some stretching.
  • I made these meatballs last week.  I was concerned they might be sub-par, given that I was working with ground turkey, but I needn’t have worried.  We all agreed they were the best meatballs we’d ever had.  The best meatballs we’d ever had…made with ground turkey!  Doesn’t seem possible, does it?  Try them.  You may not agree with us, but you’ll probably at least like them.
  • Book recommendation: Middlesex.  May not be everyone’s cuppa, but I found it riveting and moving.
  • Game recommendation: Dominion.  When it comes to games, this is an easy one:  If it’s won the Spiel des Jahres, we want to own it, because the games that win it are GOOD.  Dominion won last year.  Ooh, I just noticed that Scotland Yard, one of my sister’s and my favorites from way back when, won in 1983.  Cool.
  • Randomizing is fun!  Find more of it here at Keely’s.