Remember those sweaters I found last week? Well, they’re no longer sweaters. Meet my new piles of sproingy yarn.

Both ended up being laceweight yarn, which is much finer than I’d hoped for. I think I know what to look for now when I’m combing through the racks of sweaters, but I doubt I’m going to find many in this climate that use heavier yarn. I think a drop spindle may be in my future (for plying thicker yarns out of the finer ones I find.) The next step for these yarns is to be washed and hung to dry with weights at the bottom, to straighten them out. I’m hoping to wind them into nice hanks to sell.

I used my handy-dandy new lap swift to wind the yarn onto as I unraveled the sweaters. It’s an advanced piece of machinery. Prepare yourself for the mechanical genius behind it. Ready?

Yes, that’s a 2×4, and those are 2″ nails. It works great! I’m actually very pleased with it. I’d eventually like to get an umbrella swift, since it will be easier to unwind hanks onto a ball winder (which I’d also like to get) off of a rotating swift, but for now this will do just fine.

I still don’t like that salmony-pink color, so I grabbed one of the smaller hanks of it and set it in a vinegar soak for an hour. It’s now been zapped a few times in the microwave with a pouch of Blastin’ Berry Cherry Kool Aid and a pouch of Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade. It’s a darkish color again, but we’ll see how it dries and reskeins. I’d like to do another hank of it in orange, just to see how it takes it.