We just had a lovely trip.

Background: I love Seattle.  I’d like to move there someday.  I also have dear friends in the area.  Jason had never been to Washington, so we decided to check it out together.  He now loves it, too, and I am so happy.  (Both because we’re in agreement and because I’ve gotten to spend an entire, uninterrupted week with my husband.)

It was a quick trip, and our friends put us up for a long weekend, acting as both hosts and tour guides.  It was great fun.  To the surprise of several people back home, we had great weather, with only one partial day of rain.  (Yes, Seattle does have days of blue skies and white, puffy clouds.  I’ve seen it and have proof on my SD card!)

Sitting at our friends’ son’s soccer game Friday evening, I looked down and saw this:

My companions laughed at me for taking a picture of dirt, but I couldn’t help myself.  I’ve never gotten over missing brown dirt.  The Georgia clay is just too hard and sticky.  I’ve actually hurt my wrist and arm trying to dig a hole for a bulb in it.  And I love the smell of rich, dark soil, so there you go.

I spotted the next bit of proof that we were no longer in Georgia the next day:

Hmmm…one point to Georgia.  Pepsi has nothing on Coke.  I’m a Classic Coke girl through and through.

A few minutes later, however, all thoughts of Cola Wars had fled my mind:

Lake Washington and Mt. Ranier.  Le sigh.  The idea of being able to see a view like this on a daily – or even weekly – basis?  OMG, pure heaven.

We did do a bit of letterboxing on the trip.  Just two boxes after one of the kids’ soccer games, but enough to say we’d boxed in the PNW.  Jason and I spent a full day and a half just cruising around in our rented, electric blue PT Cruiser with maps in hand.  (He drives, I navigate.  This is one of our very favorite activities in new-to-us cities.)  Of course, we had to get souvenirs.  Jason added to his collection of beer glasses at our tour of the Red Hook Brewery.  Good beer!  It was a funny tour, although maybe not so much a tour as a verbal history with lots of beer samples.  I repeat: lots of beer samples.  For $1.  A must-visit if you’re in the area and enjoy beer.  Heck, I’m not even really a beer drinker, and I quite enjoyed myself.

My souvenir happened as we were driving around on Saturday.  When I noticed a yarn shop, Jason offered to stop.  (All together now:  Awwwww!)  So, here’s my lovely bit of wool:

(Yes, I carried it around in my bag until I found the perfect “Seattle” photo opportunity.  I believe I embarassed my husband and my host, but I was more focused on the yarn and the sign, so I can’t be completely sure.)  It’s Peace Fleece (Worsted, Georgia Rose colorway), and although it’s not local to the Seattle area, I thought the “giving back” aspect of it simply screamed Seattle, so I took it.  I’ve already begun crocheting it into a special something just for me, but that’s another post.

At the market, I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this for my mom.  It’s thanks to her that I’ve never tasted a Brussels Sprout.  (And since they’re basically baby cabbages, I can’t imagine why I’d want to, anyway.  Blech!)

I should’ve asked them where they keep their evil cauliflower.  To my everlasting disappointment, I’m often only witty in retrospect.

Like I said, an all-around fun, lovely weekend.  We flew home yesterday to our kiddoes, and I must thank Mom once more for taking care of them, getting them on the school bus, etc. while we were gone.

Oh, I have one last photo to leave you with, as a reward for reading (or skimming, I’m not picky) this whole, long entry.  I never expected a photo out of the window of the plane to turn out so well.  It was taken shortly after take-off, over the Cascades.