First, I must begin with the cuteness.  How adorable are these two?  I love the poses.

Bumblebee (a Transformer, NOT a Power Ranger) is on the left, and I believe the Sith on the right needs no introduction.  They’re thrilled that they can now put these costumes in their dress-up drawer for further play.

So, I was feeling a bit ho-hum about Halloween, usually one of my favorite days of the year.  The boys, as I mentioned in a previous post, had their hearts set on these particular costumes, which I certainly couldn’t do justice to myself, for the price.  Dh’s costume required slightly more effort.  He went as Dr. Acula, a reference from one of his favorite television shows, Scrubs, for which I had a minor flash of brilliance, in regards to his badge (I love Photoshop!):

I hadn’t had any grand thoughts for my own costume, and after buying costume pieces for all three guys, I wasn’t keen on spending money on anything for myself, anyway.  I figured I’d go as a vampire victim, to complement Dr. Acula.

On the morning of Halloween, however, after seeing several great themed groups of costumes on The Today Show, it hit me.  I wasn’t going to be a victim of Dr. Acula, per se.  I could be something way better.  But did I have the right pieces to make it?  Five minutes later, I had my answer:

That’s a Hanging Space Bag, six red shop rags, a dowel, and some fish tank tubing.

Shortly thereafter, Dr. Acula had his bag of blood.

This is the kind of creativity I live for when Halloween rolls around.  We’ve all decided that we’re all going to try to dress in theme together next year.  I hope the boys are still up for it when next year arrives.

I’m still giddy with the fun of this year’s costume, though.  The high may just last until next October.