Chad (who is the brother of a friend of ours, and whose blog I recently began following) created 12 of 12 three years ago.  I love the tradition of taking and posting twelve photos of the twelfth day of the month, so I give you my first participatory post…

img_75998:03 am ~ The Queen contemplates the day of work ahead of her.  On the plate: continue working on the castle, preparing it for sale.

img_76018:48 am ~ The King has finished cleaning the inside of the oven.  Look what a little elbow grease can do!  (The stove top took a great deal longer…and a great deal more elbow grease.  Thank you, m’dear!)

img_760311:51 am ~ Most of the Princes’ games have been packed away, not to be seen again until their arrival in the Kingdom of Seattle.

img_760812:27 pm ~ The back of the Princes’ bedroom door, portraying notes that are left outside the door of the Pirate Cantina Restaurant when it is open for business.

img_76231:13 pm ~ The offspring of Robert the Plant, generously separated into their own pots by The Queen Mother, await distribution throughout the castle.

img_76251:13 pm ~ Contentment, anyway.  The Queen believes a Jamocha shake should be included for true happiness to be achieved.

img_76325:26 pm ~ The Queen, sporting her Christmas Tree Socks, chats with Queen Cindy while observing the Amazing Karate Talents of several Princes and Princesses.

img_76477:50 pm ~ The King and Queen enjoy Warm Beverages while the King attempts WiFi Connectivity.

img_76487:51 pm ~ The Princes enjoy Animated Conversation with their Warm Beverages.

img_76537:52 pm ~ The Queen captures Wintry Artwork on film.

img_76568:09 pm ~ The Royal Family enjoys Classic Holiday Television.

img_76618:17 pm ~ The Queen searches for an Interesting Photograph to round out her first 12 of 12.