A little late this month.  All photos taken in or near our home in Seattle’s Eastside ‘burbs.

10:35 am – Steaming ties.  Fun?  No, but I felt accomplished afterwards!  (And consider those yellow stains on the ironing board cover to be a warning of the perils of using anything other than distilled water in your iron.  Blech!)

12:07 pm – Multitasking: watching a bathroom reno, going through the RSS, and waiting for the dryer to finish.

2:02 pm – The Christmas decorations may be down, but the “snow” will be up for a while yet!

2:18 pm – Yep, it’s quite the exciting day…

2:32 pm – …and the excitement continues!

3:19 pm – Walking to school, this is the view skyward.  I love this umbrella, bent tube and all.  I bought it my first quarter at Georgia Tech, and it’s gotten more use in the past six months than it ever has before.

3:41 pm – School cargo collected!

3:42 pm – I love my rain boots.

4:15 pm – Homework time!

6:26 pm – Play time!  An Ewok Totem Pole, proudly created by my offspring and framed by numerous items for which we still haven’t found storage places.

I didn’t get twelve photos of my own this month.   As I folded laundry in front of cable-equipped television, squelched to school in nice, dry boots, and sat by a comfortable fire watching my son work toward a more-than-decent public school education, people in Haiti were going through Hell.  So, for January’s 12, I offer ten boring photos of my abundantly-blessed life and two photos as a reminder of the larger world in which we live.  We have chosen to offer our support to the people of Haiti through Doctors Without Borders, one of many organizations mobilizing with amazing speed and care.

Photo ©Reuters and found at The Daily Mail

Photo ©AP Photo/Jorge Cruz and found at The Examiner