• Tomorrow’s the last day of school.  Hurrah!
  • Did you know Father’s Day is THIS Sunday???  I thought I had two more weeks.  I am lost.  If you find my brain, will you mail it to me, please?
  • I went with Nicolas’s class to a local park for a bird watching tour today.  We learned about all sorts of native birds and trees.  Great introduction for those of us from other states.  The ospreys are incredible.  Of course, we all got a kick out of the teeny little ducklings napping with their mama, too.

  • Mama was napping, anyway.  It took the ducklings awhile to stop pecking at each other and settle down.  Sounds oh-so familiar, doesn’t it?
  • I am having major Random Writing Block here.  Sorry, the duck photo will have to do for the day!  Scroll back up and give it another “Awwww!,” okay?